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Setting Up an Efficient Home Office

Whether you are a remote employee or working from home temporarily because of the coronavirus pandemic, here are a few essentials to stay comfortable and productive and keeping the importance of ergonomics in mind! Sitting all day is not beneficial for your physical and mental well-being whether you are working from home or in the office. Working from your couch or in bed may seem convenient or more comfortable but in the long run, it puts you in the wrong mental state and will negatively impact productivity. There are a lot of options for height-adjustable desking that allows you to sit/stand throughout the day and Teknion has various options like the Emote, hiSpace or the Navigate. Seating is just as important as your desking for an efficient home office so take the time to select and invest in a comfortable chair; ergonomics and comfort count when it comes to sitting. We have endless options: Contessa, Sabrina and the Projek office chairs and for a quick, cost-effective opt

From The Earth Brewing Company | Acoustical Solutions

You can BEERly hear least not at From The Earth Brewing Company outside of Atlanta Georgia!!  We love working on creative projects in restaurants and entertainment so we were thrilled to help them with their acoustical challenges. As the USA Today's #1 brewpub in the nation, we knew we had to HOP on it ;) Interscape evaluated, designed and provided our highly tailored acoustical treatments to seamlessly blend with the spaces aesthetic.  Today’s breweries, eateries and entertainment venues are under tremendous pressure to design and build space with the customers in mind. Just having a great meal may no longer cut the mustard; the lighting, seating, ergonomics, materiality and especially the spaces aren't enough and acoustics are critical to the success. If individuals are not comfortable, you are going to hear about it and with dozens of social platforms to voice that upon, it needs to be a consideration. Investing in a space with acoustical comfort is investi