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Office Design Trends for 2020

Office furniture trends change from time to time and 2020 will be no different. We will see more ergonomic and efficient offices that create enjoyable environments, rooms that enhance collaboration and creativity, achieving greater productivity and effectiveness. Furthermore, here are a few trends we can expect in the new year and beyond. "Recharge Rooms" These rooms are more than just a grouping of lounge chairs by the window to drink your morning coffee or chat with coworkers. Employees will be able to take a few minutes of downtime to relax, stretch and recharge their minds in order to tackle another project. Game Rooms can be complex with ping pong tables and video games or a space with a beanbag chair and small tv. This will allow workers a place to get away and come back to a project refreshed and ready. Nap Rooms seems counterproductive but having a small room big enough for a comfortable couch, allow those employees working long hours to take a power nap