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The Importance of Acoustical Design Elements in the Office

Open-plan offices are one of the most common modern work settings, providing a more communal, integrated atmosphere to suit the way we now work. Although phone conversations, co-workers collaborating, even the sound of typing keyboards can become a distraction, there are innovative acoustic design solutions that supports today's workplace environment, embracing the link between furnishings, architecture and importantly, the people. What exactly  is  architectural acoustics?  Architectural acoustics is the science and engineering of achieving a good sound within a building. Not only is proper acoustical design vital in the importance of the functionality of a space, but it can directly affect  tasks that take place in those spaces. There are two ways to solve an acoustic problem in a space; sound masking and sound absorption. Interscape Farmington Showroom  Sound masking systems use a soft unnoticeable background sound through a speaker and the user can control this sound