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Registration for the WELL AP Exam Preparation Series is Now Open

Looking to become a WELL Accredited Professional ? Join this 6 week study group to get a head start on preparing for the exam. Each week a WELL Faculty member will focus on one concept, including: air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, mind, and comfort. Get the tools you need to succeed and begin preparing at Interscape! WELL Faculty Members: Carlie Bullock-Jones, Ecoworks Studio Tracy Backus, Teknion The first Study Group will be held on Tuesday, February 19, 2019 at 11:45am in the Interscape Showroom in Farmington. Please reference back to invite for the full schedule of study group session dates. There are limited spots available in the study group so register today at by February 6.

The Importance of Lighting in the Office

We've talked about the importance of office furniture and how it affects productivity  but there are other factors that go into creating a healthy work environment that are sometimes overlooked. Lighting. Lighting has a huge effect on us and since most people spend much of their day at work, it makes sense that quality lighting in the workplace is important. Natural lighting affects your mood. Think about how you feel during the winter months in New England when the sun sets around 4pm. You start to feel a bit cooped up, bummed out and have low-energy but when the sun is out for those long summer days, you are constantly outside and just feel good. Having windows in your work environment lets in the natural light creating a healthy and positive mindset. Open floor plans and glass walls to divide offices are ideal in that they allow for greater flow of daylight throughout the space. We understand that some workplaces don't have many or any windows near each workstation so

3 Tips to Start the New Year in the Office Right

Happy New Year! A new year brings new possibilities, especially for our work lives and careers, and now is the time to make resolutions and evaluate your goals for 2019. Starting the new year with this list will help you be successful and can transform the way you work. 1. Evaluate/Change your Space Start by evaluating your office space and if it accommodates your current task at hand. Intense focus work requires a more private area, while a communal space is perfect for the collaborative project. A change of surroundings can help anyone become more energized and improve productivity. Start scouting a few locations in the office that support your current work and start using them on a daily basis. 2. Organize. Organize. Organize Take the beginning of the year to clean out the clutter in your work space. Organize and file away past projects and keep all current files neatly and easily accessible to keep your productivity up. This also pertains to digital files that may j