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Top 5 Interscape Blogs of 2018

In many ways, 2018 was a noteworthy year. On the Interscape blog, we’ve shared workspace inspiration and covered some of the most prominent office design trends. As we soon launch into a new year, let's take a quick look at our most popular blog posts from 2018. Revisit an old favorite or catch up on a post you may have missed. Enjoy!  1. Top 5 Ways to Make Your Office Feel and Look Like A Home   Your office is your second home, and some days, it feels more than that! Today, many of us spend our waking hours at work and the evolution of the workplace environment has changed to look and, more importantly,  feel  like a home. Gone are the days of "Office Space" cubicles; today, we are incorporating lounge seating with rich colors textiles that contribute to health and happiness in the workplace...(read more on the blog ) 2.  What Does it Mean to be WELL Certified?   Teknion Corporation  announced that it is the first manufacturer in the wo

The Best Brands are Built in Better Spaces - As featured on Inc Magazine

When you want the DNA of your company infused throughout your office space, there's no better way than through branding. Your brand is the visual manifestation of your purpose, what you stand for, and the mission you have to serve your clients. But it's not just about logos and colors. There's a more powerful element that invokes a feeling in whomever enters the front doors, a feeling that settles inside clients and employees alike. The environment in which people work plays a huge role in inspiring creativity and increasing job satisfaction, as well as attracting top talent. Because of this, branding in workplace design has not only an aesthetic function, but is an effective tool for HR departments that can improve the bottom line.  Office Atmosphere You want the atmosphere of your office to say what your business is about. Are you conveying a sense of sustainability? Then green space and biophilic design will create the right atmosphere. are you a team