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2019 Forecast: Office Furniture Trends for 2019

As office spaces continue to evolve, so does modern office furniture design. The new era of workplace design continues to draw inspiration from nature and concentrating on health and wellness in the built environment. Workspaces are not only being designed for fashion but importantly to meet today's needs and ways of understanding work. What will we see in 2019?

We will continue to see more and more collaborative furniture as it has such positive effects on employees but also reinventing these spaces and making them more "free-range"; multi-use meeting areas that are lightweight and movable and portable green walls and other greenery will provide separation and privacy when needed. The trends are moving more and more to multipurpose spaces where employees can move according to the moment or the task they are carrying out, encouraging communication between departments and the flow of ideas.

Incorporating nature-inspired textures and shapes, as well as features like moss walls and other
living green walls and floor plants will highlight biophilic design and the healthy building movement. What is Biophilic Design? Biophilic Design uses nature as an architectural framework to weave the patterns and forms of nature in the built environment through the use of textures, patterns, natural lighting, and live plants. It's no surprise that natural decor is making its way into modern offices.

Besides adding greenery to the work environment, wood furniture can go a long way towards making a space feel more earthy and energizing, rejuvenating employees and those who visit your workspace. Partition walls can take on the appearance of wood grain or wall decor made of metal can add texture to the space, allowing for more visual stimulation. The offices that bring in the connection with nature are always more pleasant and allow people to concentrate better and generate a better environment.

There's no denying that technology plays a primary role in modern offices. 'Smart' office furniture will be flooding the markets with tech integrated desking like Teknion's Navigate; offering a signature toggle-style display switch with sit/stand GPS. It offers four memory settings, a soft-touch coating and a look and feel that invites users to interact with the table, promoting continued and correct use. The TN Storage and Accessories Collection from Teknion will feature a top surface with multiple material inlay options, and a hinged-door enclosed volume with optional USB power; furniture in all markets will continue to follow the trends in our digital world. 

Office furniture trends will continue to develop and go beyond what we will see in 2019 however the collaboration between technology and nature in today's office design will continue to set trends that make the most immediate and significant impacts in the years to come.


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