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2019 Forecast: Office Furniture Trends for 2019

As office spaces continue to evolve, so does modern office furniture design. The new era of workplace design continues to draw inspiration from nature and concentrating on health and wellness in the built environment. Workspaces are not only being designed for fashion but importantly to meet today's needs and ways of understanding work. What will we see in 2019? We will continue to see more and more collaborative furniture as it has such positive effects on employees but also reinventing these spaces and making them more "free-range"; multi-use meeting areas that are lightweight and movable and portable green walls and other greenery will provide separation and privacy when needed. The trends are moving more and more to multipurpose spaces where employees can move according to the moment or the task they are carrying out, encouraging communication between departments and the flow of ideas. Incorporating nature-inspired textures and shapes, as well as features li

Ready. Set. Social. Studio TK

How much do you know about Studio TK furniture? We have a great partnership here at Interscape with Studio TK, offering contemporary office furniture to the commercial, healthcare and education markets. Studio TK is helping bridge the gap between the spaces where we work and the work culture we aspire to create. Back in May, Studio TK announced that it has entered into a new product partnership with Artifort to manufacture and distribute the renowned Dutch company's chairs, tables and sofas in North America. There are a number of new and enhanced products that we are excited to share. Borough Hospitable by nature, elegant by design, the modular lounge collection introduces a casual sophistication to any social setting. The Borough lounge pieces raise the bar of a modular seating collection with elements that bring home into the workplace. Cesto For the planned or impromptu, the mobile collection of seating and occasional tables offers a nimble approach to

Murtha Cullina {Acoustical Solutions}

Murtha Cullina engaged our experts to help solve a horrific acoustical problem in a new satellite office within an incubator space. This unique complex is a repurposed factory space and Murtha took a suite to be a part of this incredible new ecosystem of young emerging companies so they may offer their legal expertise. Our challenge with this cool industrial space was to resolve the reflectivity of the surfaces, add speech privacy for the attorneys within the offices and meeting rooms and do so in a creative manner that added some unique drama to the site. Oh yeah, and do it cost effectively. No prob! After determining the acoustical issues and developing a solution, we then got to work on the fun stuff!  Making it look cool! Our palate for this space included our own, Soundlite Interscape Shapes acoustical hanging baffles, ezoBord acoustical hexagonal wall tiles and the Cambridge QT speech privacy system. Collectively these solutions will work in harmony to resolve the cli