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Color Me Happy | The Impact of Colors in the Workplace

Everyone who knows Interscape knows we love our orange but colors go beyond culture and branding and have a powerful impact on us and our productivity. The workplace environment has changed from mellow, soft colors to colorful work environments that encourage positive emotions in employees. We've seen this shift toward color in many projects year after year and it can absolutely transform a space and have a direct impact on productivity and performance. ORANGE Let's start with a color we are very familiar with....ORANGE! It generates a feeling of happiness and fun and adding orange into the workspace sparks excitement, enthusiasm, and energy, helping employees, like us, to come up with new and innovative ideas. RED The color red is a vibrant color that can energize and excite employees. It is proven to increase heart rates, inspiring action. Although it can be overwhelming, being smart about what areas in the office to add reds can gather short bursts of action. GRE

Top 6 Features to Look for in an Ergonomic Chair

The health benefits of sitting less during your work day are too great to ignore and there are so many great sit-stand options available . But just as important, having an ergonomic and comfortable chair at your desk could totally improve the way you feel during and after a day at the desk. Here are a few must-have features that should be part of your decision-making process when choosing a desk chair: 1. Adjustable Height - Desk heights can vary so make sure your chair offers adjustable height to easily raise and lower to suit your workstation needs. 2. Back - It's OK to sit back in your chair and being able to customize the angle and elevation will put less strain on your back. 3. Armrests - You should be able to change the position of the armrests where your arms can rest naturally on the supports. 4. Adjustable Lumbar Support  - Sitting for long periods without support can strain your spine and cause pain throughout the day. Modifying the lumbar support will change t

Put Mother Nature to Work with Biophilic Design - As Featured on Inc. Magazine

The office spaces we inhabit have both physiological and psychological impacts on us. Because human beings have an innate need to connect with nature, introducing biophilic elements into our office has a positive impact on both our wellbeing and energy. But it's more than that. Research shows natural element offices improve blood flow, heart rate, and stress levels. Because promoting employee wellbeing is a competitive advantage for employers, bringing the outdoors into the office is a key component to employee retention and the reduction of absenteeism. Employees report feeling rejuvenated energized in biophilic spaces, and they're inspired by the feel-good reaction plant life, natural lighting, and other natural elements in design present. Plants reduce dust and bacteria levels, and even as few as one plant for every three employees can reduce CO2 levels by 20%. Freshening the air we breathe in the indoor spaces we occupy for most of our waking hours is great f