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LAZ Parking Call Center

The professionals at LAZ Parking's new corporate call center help park a lot of cars, but that doesn't mean they have to park their butt all day long! With new Teknion workstations complimented with our height adjustable work surfaces, the employees of this around the clock operation now have choice on how they work! This historic Headquarters structure in Downtown Hartford was not without challenges. We also assisted in environment solutions to isolate sound between floors as well as install our custom transparent acoustical window inserts for the exterior glass. Letting the light in but keeping the sound out!! It has been an exciting project working with our talented friends at LAZ, a great company with fantastic people. Thanks Laz and enjoy your new, high performing work space!

Where Do You Go To Be Inspired?

Today's workplace environments have evolved greatly from the days of cubicles and fluorescent lighting. Interscape Commercial Environments keeps up with the current trends of workplace design and we bring them to our showroom and set forth to our clients' needs and projects. Here are a few ideas that inspire us with workplace design: Nature has a great impact on humans whether you are at home or in a business setting. Sunlight, fresh air and natural surroundings positively affect peoples' sense of well being and happiness. Biophilic design was introduced to incorporate natural materials, plant-life and nature views into the workplace environment. And this goes beyond corporate, as it has been researched that hospital patients with a window overlooking nature have quicker recoveries than a view with a wall or no window at all. Social/Collaborative Settings are now being incorporated in the workplace and educational environments. Sharing ideas together with other