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Project: CT Department of Energy & Environmental Protection

Excited to have collaborated with the DEEP in Hartford and FX Design of Glastonbury for the Altos wall systems in the new DEEP offices.  Altos by Teknion is an innovative architectural wall system designed with clean, crisp lines to harmonize with building interiors. Altos walls can be used in any building environment and with its unique universal framework, it allows changes in elevation, dimension, Fascia function and finish to maximize the life of the product.

The Importance of Office Design

"In 2014, Teknion and Pearson Lloyd began to explore design concepts that would reflect the social and technological changes driving new behaviors  at work. This Creative Collaboration™ resulted in a poetic expression of a humanistic work culture, which has evolved into a robust solution for workplace design."  Look around your office. Does is capture who you are as a company? Here are 3 ways to improve your company culture through better design. 1. Collaboration - a  crucial component for a strong culture; Teknion architectural walls and common work areas like cafes and community work tables are examples of workplace design that will create shared experiences and healthy work ethnic. Also, grouping departments alike creates smart boundaries but collaboration areas will push each other to be better employees. 2. Biophilia - the idea that humans hold a biological need for connection with nature. Biophilic design incorporates nature into the built environment.