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Top 5 Ways to Make Your Office Feel and Look Like a Home

Your office is your second home, and some days, it feels more than that! Today, many of us spend our waking hours at work and the evolution of the workplace environment has changed to look and, more importantly, feel like a home. Gone are the days of "Office Space" cubicles; today, we are incorporating lounge seating with rich colors textiles that contribute to health and happiness in the workplace.

There are many key components that affect our mood and health in our workplace environment; here are our top 5 things we love at work and want in our home:

1. Seating - Teknion offers the Zones Lounge seating, giving a kickback casual yet comfortable atmosphere for collaboration with your clients and employees. The office furniture industry and those alike are mastering the art of blending commercial and residential furnishings in the workplace; the combination of wood with other materials and Zones' harmonious, soft design, provide you with the domesticity you are looking for in your work environment.

2. Lighting - Lighting is all about mood; no more stark florescent lighting that makes you feel tired and cold. Both the Teknion's Sanna felt shade and the Horizon lamp from Humanscale are visually striking and offered in an array of vibrant color options that complement any workplace or home.
Humanscale Horizon lamp
Teknion Sanna lamp

3. Greenery - Bringing green into the workplace literally gives life and wellness to the environment. Plants not only help increase oxygen and airflow but they effectively absorb noises in large office areas. We all have a genetic connection to the natural world and it makes people feel happier and healthier. So why not bring nature into our workplace? "Research shows that by connecting spaces to the natural world - providing windows, daylight, fresh air, plants, water, natural materials, decorative motifs and planning strategies drawn from nature - we can improve the physical and psychological health of building occupants." - The Rise of Economics, Teknion

4. Textiles and Colors- Vibrant colors and textures are welcoming to your visitors. Luum textiles are among the many fabrics we use and their handmade materials bring excitement to any environment. Textile design has been focusing on more natural colors and organic shapes to better represent nature and how it communicates with our well-being. And color doesn't have to be just fabric, we have pops of color throughout our space, especially our orange wall and seating to incorporate company brand :)

5. Rooms - Like our home, having another space other than your desk allows people to find moments of peace, recharge and find inspiration. We have several meeting areas with Teknion's Focus, Optos and Altos wall systems. The cafe space is a great gathering place not only for lunches but for breaks and another place to work or meet. The Zones Screens and Enclosures address the need for individual focus or team collaboration while introducing more natural wood features strengthening the connection to nature.

All these elements make an office workplace exciting and refreshing to come to each day but it's the people that truly make it your second home. Work together to achieve your company goal and strive for "profit island."


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