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Top 5 Ways to Make Your Office Feel and Look Like a Home

Your office is your second home, and some days, it feels more than that! Today, many of us spend our waking hours at work and the evolution of the workplace environment has changed to look and, more importantly, feel like a home. Gone are the days of "Office Space" cubicles; today, we are incorporating lounge seating with rich colors textiles that contribute to health and happiness in the workplace. There are many key components that affect our mood and health in our workplace environment; here are our top 5 things we love at work and want in our home: 1. Seating - Teknion offers the Zones Lounge seating, giving a kickback casual yet comfortable atmosphere for collaboration with your clients and employees. The office furniture industry and those alike are mastering the art of blending commercial and residential furnishings in the workplace; the combination of wood with other materials and Zones' harmonious, soft design, provide you with the domesticity you are loo